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Отдел продаж

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Отдел продаж

Ambient temperature sensor. The device operates in a & nbsp; set with a & nbsp; instrument cluster (trip computer) and is designed to & nbsp; read the temperature of the environment in which it is located.

The inductive-type sensor is designed to & nbsp; work complete with & nbsp; electronic block of ABSP in & nbsp; gearboxes.

The output signal from the & nbsp; electronic type sensor is a square-wave pulse generated by the Hall sensor.

Fuel level gauge sensors are designed to & nbsp; control the amount of fuel in the & nbsp; tank and turn on the warning light when the emergency fuel supply is reached. These are float-type devices with & nbsp; wire rheostat.

Also, the sensors are used to & nbsp; turn on the warning lamp on the instrument panel when the oil pressure falls below the permissible limit in the & nbsp; engine lubrication system.

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