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Отдел продаж

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+7 (4922) 40-49-59

Отдел продаж

Production of rubber products

Production of rubber products

Tasks – ensuring the needs of our own production in the rubber mixture, the supply of ready-made rubber mixture to order


  • O-rings
  • Gaskets
  • Bushings
  • Gaskets
  • Rubber cover for windscreen cleaning systems


  • Rubber mixer - Preparation of rubber mixtures of various formulations; productivity from 1500 kg per day.
  • ROLLERS - The possibility of producing a rubber compound of a given shape
  • Cooling bath + Cloth laying device-Automated production of rubber mixing cloth
  • Vulcanization presses - The possibility of using molds of various complexity, high-performance equipment.
  • RTI cleaning line - Degreasing of products in special baths, technical drying of products.
  • Automatic anti-friction coating line of various configurations

Extrusion line

Two-component extruder - the possibility of producing two-component RTI

The device for preparing and feeding metal tape - the possibility of producing a reinforced rubber profile

Laboratory equipment - Quality control of manufactured rubber mixes

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