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Отдел продаж

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+7 (4922) 40-49-59

Отдел продаж

Plastic casting

Injection molding from all types of polymer materials (more than 40 brands of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers-ABS, PP, POM, PMMA, PC, PBT, PVH, RA).

Two-component casting.

Wide technological potential:

  • Injection volume up to 2000 cm3
  • The locking force is 5-600 tons.

Technologies of two-component casting, overmoulding (casting with embedded parts), vibration welding, hot plate welding are used.

Casting equipment:

  • 50 injection molding machines from 5 to 600 tons
  • vertical injection molding machines
  • two-component injection molding machine
  • the line of casting large-sized products (provides for the joint operation of two injection molding and welding machines, the installation of blowing and checking for tightness, is equipped with robots and conveyors).

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