Energy saving transformers

Dry transformers with an amorphous Steel Core

Dry transformer

Technical specifications:

  • Voltage 6 (10 )/0.4 kV
  • Compound group Δ/Un-11, Y/Zn-11
  • Climatic design of U (UHL) 3
  • Power: 63 kVa to 1600 kVa


  • Reduction of no-load losses due to the use of amorphous alloy
  • Weight reduction and complete symmetry of the magnetic system due to the design
  • Heat dissipation of the magnetic circuit when operating at industrial frequency is lower than analogs from electrical steel
  • Sustainable
  • Maintainability
  • Reduced need for repairs

Comparative characteristics:

  • Saving losses per year ~ 8000 kW * hours
  • Saving for forty operation 900,000 rubles.
  • Calculation of economic indicators:

Transformers manufactured at the enterprise:

  • Dry-type transformers with amorphous steel core.
  • Oil immersed (non-combustible) amorphous steel core transformers
  • Non-flammable transformers
  • Dry-type transformers