Amorphous tape

NPK AVTOPRIBOR has established industrial production of tape from amorphous materials. Amorphous materials are a class of metallic solids with an amorphous structure that forms during a high cooling rate. This prevents the formation of a crystal lattice inherent in metals.

Equipment for casting amorphous materials was designed according to its own unique developments NPK AVTOPRIBOR. Amorphous tape is produced by spinning, in which the melt is cooled on the surface of a bronze drum at a rate of up to one million degrees per second. The equipment of the complex allows the production of amorphous tape 15 microns thick. The thinner the tape, the wider the range of its application in electrical engineering.

A complete set of unique equipment for the production and processing of amorphous materials has been formed at the NPK AVTOPRIBOR production site. A whole line of innovative products based on them has been developed and is already being produced - these are heating equipment and power transformers.